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TRUE Action is a non-profit organization designed to empower children through education. Our work is focused on establishing primary schools in rural Africa.
Our Current Project:
GACS, our first project, is a primary school that accommodates 150 students in Kamuli, Uganda.
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Latest News:
In Loving Memory of Shari Sweet Vasher
Posted by Staci Duhan
You were a mother to everyone and the inspiration behind our efforts. We will honor your legacy.

TrueAction is humbly accepting donations in Shari's honor.
Email Icon Friday, Oct 24
Thank you, Rooster Springs Elementary School
Posted by Staci Duhan
Once again, our friends at Rooster Springs Elementary have completed a successful fundraising campaign. They created t-shirts showing their support of GACS. We are so thankful for this smart, giving, and world-changing group of students. Have a great summer vacation, Rooster Springs!!

Email Icon Friday, Jun 20
Dallas Fundraiser Success
Posted by Staci Duhan
Thank you to all the wonderful women who attended our latest Fall Fundraiser Brunch. They raised $1,142 for the school! GACS students say...

Email Icon Sunday, Nov 03
Working Hard
Posted by Staci Duhan
Students are working hard this month!

Email Icon Saturday, Sep 28
Thank You, Conroy Family!
Posted by Staci Duhan
TRUE Action would like to send a heart-felt thank you to the Conroy Family for sponsoring 15 students. Your kindness is changing lives.
Email Icon Monday, Jun 10
  • /photos/gack01.jpg

    GACK students received their new school shirts!

  • /photos/gack02.jpg

    GACK students hard at work.

  • /photos/gack03.jpg

    Alibaawa Cohen, a GACK student, shyly poses outside his classroom.

  • /photos/image01.jpg

    GACK's two-roomed school building in a rural village outside Kamuli, Uganda.

  • /photos/1250050131-325.jpg

    Kids in a remote village outside Kamuli, Uganda before GACK began.

  • /photos/1250051090-921.jpg

    Community leaders meet to discuss the possibility of building a school in their area. The chairman of the local council, Mr. Kintu, second to the left welcomed the project.

  • /photos/1250051276-694.jpg

    GACK students make thank you letters for students in Texas.

  • /photos/1264474796-279.jpg

  • /photos/1268191001-714.jpg

    Our new 8-roomed school building!

  • /photos/1276649110-283.jpg

    Student lunch boxes line the playground.

  • /photos/1278015787-339.jpg

    Sofia eats her porridge so fast and wants to get more from her friends!

  • /photos/1278015952-885.jpg

    Students learn to count outside their new school building.

  • /photos/1278016024-71.jpg

    GACK now has room for a library.

  • /photos/1278016429-199.jpg

    Student lunch containers line the new playground.

  • /photos/1278016472-675.jpg

    Students practice writing in English.

  • /photos/1311788603-215.jpg

  • /photos/1311789244-876.jpg

Make a difference!
We are volunteer-powered and funded entirely by your donations. Every dollar you give TRUE Action goes directly toward helping children that would otherwise miss out on the possibilities that an education can offer.

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